A view of the software sector

The recovery of the Dutch economy is proceeding prosperously, and is still ongoing. In the first quarter of 2017 the economy grew by 0.4% compared to a quarter earlier. The growth forecast for 2017 is 2% on an annual basis.

A driving force behind these growth rates is the Dutch software sector. In May 2017, ING published its findings: Software is a growth sector driven by cloud computing and digitization of the economy. In 2017, the sector is expected to grow in volume by 5 percent. Particularly software and services in the field of security are growing fast. Finding suitable personnel can put a brake on the expansion of the sector. A large number of entrepreneurs see this as an obstacle.

According to Gartner, the global Enterprise Software market is growing by 6% in 2017. Within this global market, SaaS/cloud software grows by more than 20%.

Results from the Main Software 50 show that Dutch software companies grow strongly and do not perform less than their international competition. The average growth of participating companies in the Main Software 50 is 13%. Half of the participating companies in the Main Software 50 even grow by more than 20% on an annual basis.

The software industry proves to be an important engine for innovation and growth of Dutch companies. The biggest obstacle to achieving even more growth, according to ING's research, is finding (suitable) staff. Like in previous years, the goal of the Main Software 50 is to provide more visibility to the Dutch software industry in general and to the 50 most successful Dutch software companies in particular!


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The Main Software 50 is an initiative of Main Capital Partners