Main Capital invests in RVC


Main Capital, along with CEO Joost van Geijn, has acquired a majority stake in the successful medical imaging software company RVC. The transaction concerns € 5–10m. RVC offers image management and workflow support solutions for the primary processes of hospitals with its product Clinical Assistant. RVC is market leader in the Netherlands in its segment with a market share of app. 50% and clients such as: UMC Utrecht, OLVG, Slingeland Hospital, Isala clinics, Radboudumc, IJselland Hospital, and LUMC. Together with RVC’s management, Main Capital is going to support the stable growth of RVC. Founder Ronald Ruijs remains fully involved and will focus on the technical aspects of the company. In the past years the company has grown with more than 20% per year and this rate is to be maintained in the coming years.

The Clinical Assistant solution allows hospitals to integrate and share their image material across all departments hospital wide, also known as ‘PACS 2’. A unique aspect of the solution is that, besides the generic PACS 2 functionalities, a lot of specialist functionalities are built-in, such as ECG-management and endoscopy workflow. Many hospitals use these functionalities, enabling major efficiency improvements which are important during times of budget cuts. At the same time the integration of all image material and workflow support in one hospital wide solution allows medical professionals to make better decisions and focus more on their primary tasks. The goal for the coming years is to have further hospital wide growth in the Netherlands. As roughly half of the hospitals in The Netherlands still lack a comparable solution, this should be possible.

The company will keep expanding its technical leadership position with developments towards Mobile, Business Intelligence, and Radiology image viewing. The current hospital clients are very important in doing so; continuous improvement in the level of service is therefore of utmost importance. With the Netherlands clearly ahead of the rest of the world, RVC is in an excellent position to attain international growth as well. “Working more efficiently and effectively is the motto in hospitals nowadays and Clinical Assistant takes the lead in the area of imaging. This leading position can be deployed abroad.”, according to Charly Zwemstra, Managing Partner of Main Capital Partners.

Main Capital is an investor focused on the software sector with extensive experience in solid and scalable software companies. Leading considerations in all of its investments are internationalization, scalable growth (e.g. through partnerships), and creating growing recurring revenue. Main Capital recently invested in Regas (workflow for the care sector) and Chainfood (platform for supply chain monitoring). The investment in RVC is done through Main Capital III, in addition to other successful participations such as Sofon, Connexys, Regas, and Chainfood. Ronald Ruijs, CTO of RVC: “Joining forces with Main allows us to further expand the functionality of our product in the coming years. The role played by our current customers is a very important one in this process. Our primary goal is and will be to act as a stable partner in the future.”  Joost van Geijn, CEO of RVC: “As a market leader in the hospital wide image management, RVC is in an excellent position to experience growth in the coming years. With the support of Main, we have laid the basis for further improvements in our level of service. We see that the state of hospital wide imaging in the surrounding countries is lagging behind the Netherlands. This presents us with good opportunities for the coming years.”

About RVC

RVC is a Dutch company located in Baarn, which started with a photo archiving solution for Defence and Police departments among others in 1991. Since 2002, the Clinical Assistant system is in use in Dutch hospitals, where since the first implementation it is used in the primary process as well as multi-disciplinary discussions. Through these customers, RVC came in contact with many more specialisms interested in the use of Clinical Assistant. Over the course of the years, Clinical Assistant has grown to a hospital wide non-radiology PACS (PACS 2), which is in use at over 35 different departments within hospitals. RVC has been preoccupied with digital image processing for over 23 years and has been completely focused on products and services for hospitals and pathology laboratories for a long time. RVC’s vision in doing so is propagating the use of worldwide medical standards as much as possible; this concerns image management and connections with the HIS/EHR and especially the exchange with regard to multidisciplinary care among others. This focus on image management for hospitals has led to RVC’s position as a market leader in the field of PACS 2.

For more information please contact Joost van Geijn

RVC B.V., Baarnsche Dijk 21, 3741 LP, Baarn

Tel: +31(0)35 628 53 20 / +31(0)6-50675740

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