Enovation and Main Capital realize further expansion in the healthcare market with the strategic acquisition of POINT

Enovation and Main Capital realize further expansion in the healthcare market with the strategic acquisition of patient referral, patient file transfer and healthcare communication solutions vendor POINT.


The acquisition represents the third addition to the Enovation Group, previously having joined forces with XDS vendor Meddex as well as Connected Healthcare player Verklizan, after the initial investment of Main Capital, becoming a majority shareholder in 2018.

POINT is the leading player in the Dutch patient referral and patient file transfer market from hospitals and General Practitioners to long-term care facilities and vice versa. After its establishment in 2007, POINT positioned itself as the specialist on patient file transfer streams within and outside established care regions. These areas can highly benefit from improved efficiency, better communication and structured data exchange. POINT developed an innovative platform that significantly reduces errors and improves cooperation between healthcare professionals and institutes, in an effort to improve the quality of care provisioning as well as minimizing the administrative burden on care professionals and patients. POINT is serving a growing customer base comprising hospitals, GP’s and long-term care facilities. Example clients include UMC Utrecht, LUMC, Isala, Flevo Ziekenhuis and Buurtzorg.

The combination of Enovation and POINT creates an even stronger player in the Healthcare Communication and Connected Healthcare market. The product offering of both companies is highly complementary, strengthening Enovation’s extensive suite with various SaaS solutions in the patient referral, patient file transfer and healthcare communication domain. Through the strengthened suite of solutions, Enovation and POINT are able to improve their customer experience by offering more extensive capabilities to further automate communication, patient data exchange and patient monitoring. This furthermore improves the effectiveness of care provisioning, supporting the customer to cope with increasing pressure on healthcare expenditure driven by macro-economic trends like resource scarcity and an ageing population.

The combined company employs over 240 people across 10 offices and is active in over 17 countries. Enovation Group has a strong R&D capability focused on improving the current product offering to create innovative solutions for the healthcare market. As an independent communication vendor, Enovation’s mission is to play a significant part in solving the challenges currently faced by the European healthcare sector. Next to organic growth in its core markets, Enovation follows a selective buy-and-build strategy aimed to engage in strategic combinations that will further improve the strategic product offering as well as strengthen its geographic positioning as a leading SaaS vendor in the European markets.

Jeroen van Rijswijk (CEO Enovation): “For us this is the next step in our communication portfolio. Our portfolios are highly complementary, as we can offer our clients an even better integration in the referral process. This means that we can offer healthcare providers an even more efficient solution for referrals. With our current international offices we can help POINT in achieving their international business.

Arthur Muller (CEO POINT): “POINT is being used throughout more and more applications, delivering the right care at the right place. Through the combination of our strengths, we are better able to communicate and anchor this to new customers. For its existing as well as new customers, POINT remains committed to optimizing POINT as a transmural collaboration platform. Through centralization of overhead activities, customers can furthermore work more efficiently.”

Charly Zwemstra (Chairman of the Board Enovation and Managing Partner Main Capital Partners): “With the acquisition of POINT, Enovation strengthens its product portfolio with the complementary POINT offering comprising patient referral, patient file transfer and healthcare communication capabilities. This strategic combination further enhances Enovation’s leading position in the European Healthcare Communication market, creating a stronger SaaS software group.”

About Enovation

For over 35 years, Enovation has been the specialist for secure healthcare communication solutions. The company focuses on facilitating information exchange between- and within healthcare institutions and between healthcare institutions and patients. The company’s product proposition comprises own developed IP solutions complemented with strategic third-party solutions. The solutions are based on (international) standards and seamlessly integrate with existing IT systems and processes of healthcare institutions.


POINT is a leading Dutch SaaS vendor providing patient referral, patient file transfer and communication solutions for the Dutch and German hospital, GP and long-term care facilities markets. After its establishment in 2007, POINT has been able to achieve its position as the market leader in the domain it is active in. With a comprehensive platform of solutions tailored to automate processes related to patient transfers from the first- to second-line care and vice versa, POINT’s solutions enable clients to improve efficiency, reduce errors and improve the quality of care provision.

About Main Capital

Main Capital is a strategic investor with an exclusive focus on the software sector in the Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia. Within this sector, Main is the most specialized party in management buy-outs and later-stage growth capital for strategic acquisitions. Main Capital has approximately € 450 million under management for investments in mature but growing software companies in the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia. An experienced team of professionals manages these Private Equity funds from offices in The Hague, Düsseldorf and Stockholm.

Besides the latest addition of Optimizers, the current investment portfolio of Main Capital consists of growing (SaaS) software companies such as Onventis (Germany), Assessio (Sweden), HYPE Innovation (Germany), cleversoft (Germany), Enovation, SDB Ayton, GOconnectIT, JobRouter (Germany), Inergy, MUIS Software, artegic (Germany), OBI4wan, Onguard, Sofon and ChainPoint. Main Capital also has an interest in managed hosting provider Denit. Main Capital has a long-term perspective with the intention to build larger strong software groups. Former successful Main Capital group companies include among others Roxit, Axxerion, Ymor and Regas.

Note for the editor:

For more information, please contact:

Charly Zwemstra (Managing Partner)
Main Capital Partners BV, Paleisstraat 6, 2514 JA, Den Haag
Tel: +31 (0) 70 324 3433 / +31 (0) 6 512 77 805

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