Stake Main Capital in SaaS-company Regas


August 7 2013, The Hague – Main Capital has acquired a majority stake in the successful cloud company Regas. Regas offers a SaaS-solution for healthcare and welfare organizations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and is market leader in various sub-segments such as Welfare in the Netherlands and Mental Healthcare in Belgium. Regas facilitates leading organizations in primary process support with her equally named client-tracking system. Regas’ management team and Main Capital will join forces to further expand Regas’ reach into sub segments as Youth care and Mental Healthcare in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Regas’ standardized solution for the healthcare industry is characterized by her flexibility, functionality and focus on the primary processes of the healthcare providers.

The flexibility allows healthcare organizations to model their own processes within the Regas platform. Remaining an important aspect is that the focus does not lie on the back-office systems but on the support of the primary processes of the supplier of care. The modules Follow, Connect and Monitor offer the right tools to design more efficient processes and optimize the quality of care. The goal is to further grow in markets such as the Youth care and Mental Healthcare. These markets are constantly changing, now more than ever. “More efficient and effective work-processes within the healthcare industry drive the demand for the SaaS software provided by Regas,” according to Charly Zwemstra, Managing Partner of Main Capital Partners.

Main Capital is a dedicated investor focused on (SaaS) software companies with substantial experience in strong and scalable software companies. Priorities for all her investments are internationalization, scalable growth (i.e. through partnerships) and the creation of growing and sustainable revenue. Internationalization is an integral part of the strategy. As a market leader within the Mental Healthcare in Belgium, Regas has a solid position to continue its growth in this country. Germany offers interesting opportunities too. Partnerships with other firms will play an important role in the growth strategy. Continuous support of existing customers is key in every growth strategy. Regas will therefore continue to stay ahead in terms of technological developments. Important spearheads are the Mobile App (expansion of the current Mobile Product) and Reporting and Decision-Making. Everything to help produce the most efficient primary process of the highest quality.

The investment in Regas will be done with the fund from Main Capital III, which also has successful companies such as Sofon and Connexys in its portfolio. Charly Zwemstra: “Regas is the best SaaS product in the Healthcare market and therefore exceptionally well-suited for expansion in other sub segments within the healthcare industry and further abroad. The company was on time in its switch to SaaS and is ready for growth. Additionally this is an organization which solves the real problems of the supplier of care. That is unique.” Nick Haasnoot, CEO Regas: “Main is THE investor for software companies in the Netherlands. Their experience with scalable growth, solid and proven business models, partnerships and internationalization is what makes us believe that we will make an even bigger success of Regas. Main is not merely a supplier of funds but a real commercial and strategic partner who will carry us to the next level.”

About Regas:
Regas supplies registration software which supports, optimizes and continually improves the primary processes within the healthcare and welfare industry. Centrally storing the client information in REGAS allows for a more efficient caregiver’s process and a more insightful work structure. REGAS saves the user time and facilitates simple process control. REGAS provides standard and tailor-made client registration-software, while also offering support and tracking solutions for various financial flows. Additionally Regas can be used for client-satisfaction surveys. Input and output go hand in hand and in addition to registration solutions, REGAS offers also a range of reporting tools. Since its founding in 1997, Regas is an important supplier of software solutions within the Healthcare and Welfare sector in the Netherlands. In Belgium Regas is an industry leader in the Mental Healthcare segment. In Germany they are working hard to achieve the same. Whether it is working with clients, patients or customers, with the REGAS client-tracking system process optimization is quickly reality!
For more information please contact Nick Haasnoot.
Regas B.V., Pelmolenlaan 18a, 3447 GW, Woerden
Tel: +31 (0)348-489040/ +31 (0)6- 14812206

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