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Rapid growth software

Worldwide growth of the software market has averaged 11% in the last 50 years. This industry will continue to grow fast,  SaaS is expectated to grow with a  rate of app. 18% (Gartner, 2014).

The ranking of the Main Software 50 edition 2014 is available!

Please find the 2014 ranking here.


Software in the Netherlands

The ICT industry is a key sector for the Netherlands with an annual turnover of approximately EUR 34 million (2013: 5.6% of GBP), realized by 25,000 companies that provide employment to 265,000 people (Nederland ICT, 2014).

Within the Dutch ICT industry, software is the fastest growing segment. In 2014, the software industry will grow by 5.3% to EUR 6.4 billion. The sector is characterized by the presence of a few big players, but the majority of the market consists of innovative SMEs with solutions from global trends as increasing efficiency and productivity in business, climate change, aging and digitization.

Worldwide for decades, the software industry is growing by 11% per year on average. In 2014, the global software industry will grow by 6.9% (Gartner, 2014). A large number of sub-segments will show a much higher growth rate, driven by developments in the field of BI, social collaboration, mobile and cloud applications. Research has shown that the software industry typically has a growth rate of 3-4% above the overall market growth (Gartner, 2011)!

Results from the Main Software 50 show that Dutch software companies are internationally active. Therefore, the software industry appears to be an important driver of innovation and growth for Dutch companies.

Unfortunately, this important strategic position is not recognized by everyone. For instance, the software sector is not defined by the government as one of the nine top sectors of the Dutch economy. Just as with previous editions, this 2014 Main Software 50 edition will provide more visibility to the 50 most successful Dutch software companies and moreover to the software industry as a whole.

Winners 2014