Registration for the Main Software 50 Nordics is now open.

What can you expect after your registration?

Confirmation of registration

An automatic confirmation of registration follows, this means that we have received the data. After this we will verify that all information has been submitted correctly.

Invitation to the event

If the company meets the requirements to enter the Main 50 Awards, you will receive an invitation to the event.

Find out if you finished in the top 50!

During the festive award show we will announce the Main Software 50 Nordics, and we will find out who the overall champions are as well as the winners of the Highest Growth & Accelerator Awards.

Eager to participate in the upcoming edition?

Participating in the Main Software 50 Nordics brings many benefits. It offers the opportunity to compare your performance with other software companies, gain worldwide media recognition and to participate in an exclusive award show. Moreover, participating in the Main Software 50 Nordics gives you a chance to benefit from vast networking opportunities, allowing you to increase your visibility within the software industry.

Composition of the ranking

The Main Software 50 is aimed at strengthening the position of unlisted Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) from the Nordics. The following criteria apply for participation. Check the composition of the ranking to find out if your company meets the criteria.