The Main Software 50 Awards

Over the last ten years, the leading ranking list for the 50 most successful software companies in the Netherlands. Announced during the high-profile Main Software 50 Award show. Will you join us?

11 November 2021 11 November 2021

11 November 2021 Amsterdam

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Software companies are the engine of the digital economy. The Main Software 50 Awards give acclaim and deserved appreciation to outstanding companies in the sector. The ranking is based on hard company data and audited by independent research organization Dialogic. This year the Main Software 50 takes place for the tenth time.

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Why join the Main Software 50?

"The Main Software 50 Award we won in 2013 felt like a recognition for all the hard work of the previous years. It was tremendously important! Also for other reasons. For our investors it reconfirmed the correctness of their decision. It helped us in recruiting new people. And it helped us find the courage to keep going. A wonderful gift."

Bob Janssen
Founder RES Software (acquired by Ivanti in 2017)

"I think it's cool that the Main Software 50 is there. It gives publicity to the Dutch software industry. People often look at the United States and India. But there are many successful and fast-growing companies in the Netherlands too. For OBI4wan specifically, the list meant a great deal for our visibility and branding."

Alexander de Ruiter

"I am holding the physical award in my hands. It took me six seconds to find it, even though I've moved to the United States and my house here is being renovated as we speak. This goes to show that the award has meant a great deal to us. Software is not an easy business when it comes to PR. If you call a journalist and tell them there is a new version of your software that also supports MySQL, they will say, ‘So what?’ So this was an incredibly important recognition."

Johan Jongsma
Founder IASO (acquired by GFI Software in 2013)

"We participated to enhance external visibility and also because we wanted to measure ourselves against others. Are we really doing it right, that question. It's not easy to get this insight from the company’s own accounts, certainly not in the early years. We also chose to participate in the Main Software 50 after the initial growth slowed down, because it looks at more than just percentage sales growth, which means that participation remains interesting."

Ronald van Tiel
Founder FleetGO

"Before we were acquired by the Norwegian company Visma, we participated in the Main Software 50 every year. We did that for the purposes of traction and marketing. For customers, a nomination is a confirmation that you are an established party. It also helps with respect to prospects. The award radiates authority."

Marieke Saeij
CEO Onguard (acquired by Visma in 2020)

"The Dutch software sector could use some more attention. The sector is very dynamic: a lot is happening and there are big successes to celebrate. And not all of this is seen by the media and society. The more the successes become visible, the more this commotion will attract people. That is why the Main Software 50 is a good initiative."

Wolter Smit
CEO Topdesk

Programme Main Software 50 - 2021

14:30 – 15:00


15:00 – 15:45

Looking back on 10 years of entrepreneurship in software


16:00 – 16:45

Cyberattacks and the importance of security software.


17:00 – 17:45

A view of the future: innovations in e-commerce software

17:45 – 18:15

Announcement winners Main Software 50

18:15 – 20:00

Walking dinner

Speakers and location to be announced later

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Main Software 50

Winners 2020

For the 9th consecutive year, software investor Main Capital Partners organised the Main Software 50 in order to make the Dutch software sector, as a driver for growth and innovation, more visible to the larger public.



1st Overall winner


Uptrends, founded in Alphen aan den Rijn in 2007, provides a monitoring tool that measures uptime, performance and functionality of websites, APIs and servers. An excellent product that sells itself and is internationally scalable. Uptrends was acquired by the ITRS Group at the end of 2020.


2nd Overall winner


Enovation is a SaaS company in the healthcare market that enables more efficient, secure communication between healthcare providers, as well as with patients and other stakeholders. Enovation was acquired by Main Capital Partners in 2018.


3rd Overall winner


Textkernel is the international leader in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Semantic Technology for matching people and jobs. Textkernel's proposition makes recruiting smarter and more effective for thousands of companies.


Highest Growth Award


Convious builds and delivers an e-Commerce SaaS platform for the leisure industry. The software helps its clients to sell more from their own channels by means of optimized advertising budgets, dynamic pricing and personalisation. Convious is used by over 100 amusement parks and attractions in 13 countries.


Cloud Champion Award


E-WISE is fully specialized in online education for professionals that are obliged to follow a refresher course, such as dentists, nurses, lawyers, accountants and teachers. E-WISE is by far the largest in the Netherlands in its segment and has offices in Utrecht and Berlin.

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The Main Software 50 is an initiative of Main Capital Partners